Writing a Research Paper in the APA Format – 7 Quick Tips

Research papers in such subjects like psychology and sociology are written in the APA style. This format has a number of distinctive requirements that should be met by students. If you’ve never composed the APA papers before, it’ll be useful for you to learn what steps you should take to succeed. Contact MyEssayGeek to get expert assistance.

How to Write Your Paper

  1. Select a good topic.
  2. The topic of your paper should be interesting to you and educational for your audience. It should also be rather narrow so that your paper provides the reader with unique information.

  3. Conduct thorough research.
  4. You should learn a lot about your topic before you start writing your paper. Consult your instructor to know what sources to analyze. You may also need to conduct your own experiments in order to prove your statements and arguments.

  5. Make an outline.
  6. Divide your paper into separate chapters before you start writing. Yu should think about what you’re going to include in each section and write down your plans on a sheet of paper. This will help you create a solid structure for your text.

  7. Write the introduction chapter.
  8. The first chapter of your paper should inform the reader about your topic and the objectives of your study. It should also briefly describe the contents of the following chapters, like literature review and methodology. The limitations and scope of your study should be discussed in the introduction too.

  9. Write the body chapters.
  10. In the body of your paper, you should provide the reader with the detailed review of your topic’s background and methods that you’ve used to conduct your research. The last body chapter should present the actual outcomes of your study and discuss them. Make sure to make smooth transitions between the body chapters.

  11. Write the conclusion chapter.
  12. The last chapter should summarize the points mentioned in the body and indicate the significance of the work done. You may also propose several ways to continue your research.

  13. Create additional chapters.
  14. These include “Bibliography” and “Appendices” where you should provide the full list of sources used and present materials that couldn’t be placed in the body chapters (graphs, tables, etc.)

General Guidelines for an APA Paper

The last step is to format your document correctly. You should set one-inch margins on all sides and make your text double-spaced. Use 12 pt. Times New Roman font. You should also create a running head in the top left corner of a page that should contain a short version of your paper’s title.

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